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Introduction Edit

This page describes a simple way to reinforce the nocks of bows made from loose laminates with metal inserts. The inserts serve two purposes:

  • Reduce bowstring wear by making the nocks wider (for all laminate materials)
  • Help prevent bowstring from splitting the laminates (for wood laminates)

Performance-vise the best material would be aluminum, but thin steel works as well.

Step by step instructions Edit

Start by cutting at least two rectangular pieces from a sheet metal and mark the center:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 01

The pieces should be slightly wider than the laminate, and sufficiently long so that they can be folded over the laminate length-vise without issues.

Next punch a longish hole in the middle, e.g. with a hammer and a screwdriver:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 02

Attach the piece to a vise:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 03

File away the sharp edges:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 04

File the edges of the hole square and enlarge the hole as necessary, until it fits neatly over nock filed to the laminate:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 05

Making metal nock reinforcement - 06

Next bend the piece along the longitunal axis with pliers and fit it over the nock:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 07

Next use a small hammer or pliers to squeeze the nock insert flat against the laminate:

Making metal nock reinforcement - 08

Making metal nock reinforcement - 09

If you want, you can file away the protruding parts of the inserts to save some weight.

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